Help sustain Fair Agenda by becoming a monthly donor

Can you help sustain Fair Agenda? Become a monthly donor

Domestic violence is at epidemic levels, paid parental leave is being attacked, and women remain under-represented in key decision-making bodies around the country.

The Fair Agenda community has shown we have the ability to influence national policy. But our ability to affect change is being limited by resources. Can you become a regular donor, and help provide the vital, predictable resourcing needed to make our work possible into the future?

Fair Agenda is dedicated to being an independent and un-compromising advocate on issues our members care about. It means that we can't receive any government funding, and rely on the support of members like you to keep running campaigns that put fairness and equality on the agenda.

Note: Unfortunately, under current laws, donations to Fair Agenda are not tax-deductible. It means regular donations from members are even more critical to making our work possible. If you'd like to support us - but can't make a regular donation, you can make a once off donation here.